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Merchants will be charged for services used according to the above fee schedule which are up to date as of 12th May 2020 and are subject to revision in the future.

The fees are applicable for any form of usage, whether through the widget, web access or POS and are automatically levied.

BlackFort Payment Solution Fees
Service Fees
Account Services  
Setup Fee              -   € 
KYC              -   € 
Monthly fee              -   € 
Payment Services  
Merchant accept 0,40%
Merchant Send 0,40%
Mass Payout* 0,40%
Exchange Functions  
Crypto Swaps: 1,5%
Fiat-Settlement Coming Soon!
Issue Solving:  
Recovery of:
Lost funds: 8% Min 100€
Wrong Transactions: 5% Min 50€
Unclaimed: 3% Min 30€
Issuance of Refunds: Network fees only
Other Services:  
POS Terminal (optional) Coming Soon!
*Option to be paid by Merchant or Receiver.
Agents commission as per Introducer Agreement. To become one contact [email protected]
Need Help integrating our service with yours? Depending on the task we offer this service starting at 500,00€. Contact us at: [email protected]


For merchants who want to use BlackFort Payment Solution services for accepting crypto payments in their physical stores: You can use our web application, POS terminals, or with a full integration into your POS software using our API. If you have any questions about this please contact us here